“You Are Love.  You may not remember this or acknowledge or recognize this, but this is what you are.  You Are Love.  Love does not judge, Love does not resist, Love does not attach, nor does Love put conditions on Its Self.  Love does not judge pain.  Love feels the pain and embraces it fully, giving thanks for feeling Its Self within the pain.  Love transmutes all else into Its Self.  Love is what You Are.  Love is what You have always Been.  Love is what You always shall Be.”  ~Patricia Reed

Live with intensity.  Feel the intensity of your own emotions,  for they are Yours.  Accept and embrace your emotional body, for she is your inner goddess – she is the Source of your Love and your Power.  Feel your entire body buzzing with life as you master your emotions and welcome and embrace your own Divine Feminine Power.  Channel all that you feel into your own Heart without worry that any pain may break your Heart or make you weak.  It is not possible for that to happen, because in your Heart is Who You Are, and You Are Love – and Love transcends all else.  Let go of the resistance to your own emotions and remember that, no matter what emotion it is you are feeling – you are feeling… and feeling is your connection with your passion and your Power.  Feeling is life.  Welcome the feeling of all that is, because in the midst of it are your treasures.  Love the feeling of it all, and it all becomes Love.  The power is Yours.  All there is for you to do is simply own your emotions, welcome your inner goddess, and embrace your Divine Feminine Power.

I am committed to helping you to connect with and ignite your inner goddess and embrace your Divine Feminine Power by tuning into your own well of emotions, understanding them, welcoming them, and accepting them.  I’m here to help you to heal your emotional body and integrate your emotions with the Divine Masculine energy, whose power lies in the mental body, thus healing and sealing the rift between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energy that you hold within yourself.  This is the key to reconnecting with your Knowing of the Wholeness and Completion that You Truly Are.  In a male dominated world for eons, we have been trained that our emotions make us weak, to resist our emotions, to shut off our inner goddess and stifle her.  But times are changing, and the inner goddess stirs.  I’m here to help you welcome and restore her to her True Power and to remember that She is You.

Embrace Your Divine Feminine Power

Goddess Ignited is all about everything it means to be a strong woman.  We’ve seen how to be a strong male presence in a female body.  Now is the time to remember what a strong woman actually is.  What she feels like.  Who she is without being silenced and molded into the male paradigm.  Ladies, it’s time to Be Who You Really Are.

Enjoy the pages and posts within this site – you’ll get great tips on all facets of what it is to be the goddess within, from physical beauty and attraction, to True Self-Love, self-esteem, confidence and self-empowerment, to spirituality, to sexuality, to weight loss, to relationships and dating, to careers, to networking opportunities – and you are invited to post your comments and insights, to share with me and other goddesses who are just waiting to read what only You can express in Your own way.

So – WELCOME!  and ENJOY!  and THANK YOU for being here.  I look forward to hearing your Divine Insights!