Jaguar a Poem by Patricia Reedjaguar poem by patricia reed clear2
Jaguar A Poem by Patricia Reed My spots reflect the stars of the Milky Way Dew from Heaven, my life force was called in my day  My energy is feminine, primal, magic of Earth  Listen and be
comforted by my soft sweet purr Magnificent in form, surefooted and agile I defy the notion 
that life is so fragile  through darkness and jungles my movements so sleek light glows in my 
eyes, what is it they seek? Sad and mad are but bumps in the night  listen ever so closely, do not cave to fright they're here in the shadows, crying in pain  judge them not harshly, assign them no shame Run run quick! Run away to daylight!  Are you so afraid of what you hear in the 
night? Listen closely, watch and see  Let me teach you what I came to be Lord of the darkness, Lady of the night  I travel the underworld till sun again gives light  Give me your fears, your worries to transform This is my purpose, for this was I born For night is illusion my eyes 
slice through  I'll carry your fears through the underworld for you  For as you walk through 
your dark night of the soul  I am here for you, dear love, you are never alone Silent I may be, you shan't hear me roar  If you will follow, I will show you the door Fear not the darkness, 
it's okay, step right in  I am here to guide you to the Light within But you musn't resist me, for in the shadows I dwell I am here to show you the way out of hell Here I wait for you to acknowledge me and embrace When you are ready for your fears to face It's one and the same, both 
day and night Yet the night you resist with all your little might If only you knew the power 
you give to everything you fear, so you cannot live Walk not as a zombie, dead to your life can you not see that you cause your own strife?  I will show you how to live through the night in joy and excitement, guided by your own inner light I teach you to understand all those things 
unseen surrender the illusions, see the world as a screen I remind you to trust the wisdom of
your Heart it can never fail you, even if, once, you fell apart Utilize my energy to follow 
your intuition Allow your Heart to heal your condition Surrender your illusions of all 
separation For at-one-ment make now your preparation To follow your Heart is the most difficult journey But I am here to guide you, so do not worry The light in my eyes comes from my Soul 
from within my Heart, where I love you so