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You, with the world on your shoulders, there you are, thinking that you have to do it all alone.  Here’s your outer world showing you, proving to you over and over again that you’re right!  You’re all alone, and you have nobody to help you.  You’ve got to do it all, or it won’t get done.  Your world will fall apart and crumble.  Take care of yourself?  How?  When?  When you have everybody else leaning on you, taking up your every moment, they don’t even give you your own air to breathe!  This message is for you.


You do have help.  You might not be able to see them at the moment, and perhaps you have so much anxiety, fear, resentment and overwhelm that it blocks your ability to even sense them – but they never leave you.  They are your Higher Self, guides, angels, and loved ones who exist with us here and now, multi-dimensionally, and they are your team.  They are your helpers, your assistants, your support system while you are here.  They remind you to look within yourself for the strength you need, for the Truth of who you really are, for the Love that is You.  They wait patiently for you to ask them for assistance.  You cannot possibly – this physical version of yourself that you think you are right now – you cannot possibly fathom all that goes on behind the scenes, much less make those necessary connections that would give you the world you’d rather live in.  So please, please stop trying to do it all yourself.  You’re just wearing yourself out, and attracting more people to make more and higher demands of you.  Stop.  Take a breath.  Sit back and relax.  Nothing bad is going to happen if you stop and breathe your own air for a moment.


You are being asked to get really honest with yourself about what you want, what you don’t want, and how you feel.  And then you are being asked to honor that.  Don’t deny how you feel, don’t suppress it, don’t criticize it or tell yourself it’s wrong.  Your feelings are always valid – even the ones that are based on errant beliefs and misunderstandings.  Make a list of what you will commit to doing yourself – and give all the rest to your guides, angels, and Higher Self to take care of for you.  Any needs you are taking care of that belong to someone else other than your dependent child – give those to your team, asking that the highest good for all be achieved, surrendering to the reality that you cannot possibly – you in your 3D outfit – you cannot possibly know what that is.  You are asked to focus on what you want – and be completely honest with yourself about what that is.  Let go of the need to control and manage and run it all by yourself.  Trust that the others you’ve been running around to manage also have their own teams to work on their behalf.  Let go of responsibilities that are not yours, and let yourself feel grateful that you have a team who loves you so and who want to assist you.  They are here for you.  Just ask!


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