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There’s something you’ve been waiting for – and it’s been a long wait for you.  You’ve been patient for years.  The breakthrough you’ve been looking for is imminent.  You’re about to have a self realization that will break apart those chains and fling them off into the air.  It will be as if you’re running towards the cliff, but instead of stopping at the edge, afraid to jump out of fear of falling and crashing, you will instead find that your wings open up as you leap into the Love Light, and you soar.


What to do until that moment?  Have you been standing there at the edge for a while now?  Well it’s okay if you have.  Today, the Divine Feminine calls for pleasure.  She reminds us to honor our needs and nurture our desires.  Right now, put yourself first.  Indulge in some pleasure.  Perhaps you might take a day off of work and do something just for yourself, to replenish your spirit.  Maybe someone asks you to do something for them, and for once you say no, because you have some other plans.  You don’t have to tell that person your plan is to take time for yourself.  Stop putting yourself last.  You can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try, and all you do is to allow your energy to be drained and drained, with all that bending over backwards to make everyone else happy.  Stop.  Take some time for yourself, and know that this is the best way to be of service to everyone else, by recharging your own life force by taking some much needed and deserved time to enjoy life.


In what ways might you feel some pleasure?  What could you do that would feel playful, fun, and perhaps even indulgent?  No guilt!  Your soul needs this – so if you find yourself feeling guilty for taking time for yourself, you’ll need to be looking at your programming so that you don’t keep weighing yourself down with that.  Your body needs your life force, and your life force needs joy and pleasure.  It really is as simple as that.  So think about what you might do to have some fun.  Think of how you might have some play and pleasure before work.  What do you really want to do but you always feel like you can’t because you have too many responsibilities?  Sometimes you’ve just got to put the responsibilities on hold – you can trust that they will still be there when you come back, after all – and make playtime your priority.  This is one of those times.  Before you know it, you’ll be having that breakthrough and flying with the eagles.


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