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So much agitation coming to the surface for so many of us lately – we are being triggered everywhere we look and feeling so many emotions swirling about.  There is good reason for all of this, as we are being shown what beliefs, patterns and programs we still have to work through and resolve as this Ascension process continues… but it sure can have us feeling confrontational.  The Divine Feminine calls you back to your Heart and asks you to think about your friends and loved ones for a moment.  Appreciate them.  Love them.  Is this really something you need to battle about?  Might you say something you don’t actually mean and regret it?  Is your friend really behaving terribly, or is this person you care about simply reflecting back to you what your own patterns and beliefs are?


Before you get into a big confrontation with someone, remember that there’s a whole lot going on in the cosmos right now that bring our junk up to the surface to see – and that if we can’t see it, we will be provided with someone who will point it right out for us.  Think before you speak.  Breathe before you think.  If it’s really important, then absolutely stand up for yourself.  Don’t let someone walk all over you, no matter how much you might love this person.  But if it’s really not important, then let it pass.  If someone says something that triggers you, consider instead retreating into your safe space, grabbing a pen and a journal, and writing about what was said and what it brought up for you to feel.  Write down what you wanted to say to the person who triggered you.  Get it all out – on paper.  This will help you to find your hidden subconscious beliefs so that you can begin to change the ones that no longer serve you.  And it may also save a friendship or two.


And regarding friendships – it’s important to take an inventory of them.  Maybe you want to avoid certain friends right now if you can’t trust yourself to respond rather than to react when triggered.  Maybe it’s a toxic relationship to start with, and maybe it’s time to let go the friendships that are no longer in your highest good to maintain.  But the other friendships you have – the ones you want to keep – this is the time to really work on nurturing those.  We’re all going through this energy right now, and it’s bringing up the hard times for many of us, including your friends.  Be there for them.  Let them be there for you.  Listen to them with compassion.  Help them out.  Treat them as you would be treated by them, with compassion, patience, and empathy.  You don’t have to get drawn into the drama they’re going through.  Just maintain your own frequency while you’re there for them, and hold the space for them to rise up out of their problems too.


Regarding choices during this time of energetic upheaval:  remember that you are responsible for all your choices.  Don’t just think about them carefully.  Remember to feel into them.  Which choice feels better?  Even if it doesn’t make logical, rational sense?  Remember to choose what feels better.  You can’t please everyone, so choose wisely for you.  And that includes remembering to choose your battles wisely.  When in doubt, remember that you can always go into your Heart and ask the Divine Feminine for assistance.  The Goddess within will guide you as you open your Heart to her.


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