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You’ve felt trapped and victimized for quite some time, but now you feel your Soul expanding within your Heart – it’s ready to burst out and live joyfully – ready or not!  You have a choice to make.  Will you choose fear and guilt, and suppress your joyful Soul?  Or will you surrender and release your fears, give up the illusion of guilt and blame, and let your Soul sing?  The Divine Feminine appears to laugh and dance and play as she assures you:  “Choose Joy!  There is no safer place for you to be than in your own power and being the Joy that you Truly Are!  Dance with me!  Sing with me!  Rejoice with me!  Come play with me!”  She wishes to take you by the hands and spin around like a child, giggling and loving all that is.


There’s a sense of innocence that also wishes to be acknowledged, felt, expressed, and extended to all others.  Today is a day to see past the illusions of what appears to be.  Look deeper.  There is an innocent child within you – and not just you.  Whatever challenges you’ve been facing with someone else – consider that it was all a misunderstanding.  When you can let go of blame and guilt, and simply be in your Joy, embracing the innocent child within you, it’s easier to see that in others too.  Spent time today within your Divinity so that you may see how to also look at the Divinity in others.  Let go the criticisms and judgments, and simply be the Joy and innocence today.


Whatever you’ve been trying to handle all by yourself – you don’t have to keep holding on so tight and fighting so hard.  Let go.  Just look at the situation and say, “OK, I accept this.”  Look for the Joy that exists within it.  It’s there.  If you can’t see it, then ask for assistance from your guides and your Higher Self.  Give it over to the Divine Feminine, and ask that she take care of that for you.  Imagine that it is already done, and feel the Joy and relief in the surrender.  It’s safe for you to let go and feel Joy today and every day.  Start now.  If you’re having some trouble finding the Joy to connect with – just remember:  it’s in your Heart.  It is You.  It is your very essence.  Let go all outer world concerns and feel your own vibration – that which comes from your Heart.  Ask to be shown what Joy feels like, and don’t resist it when you begin to feel it.  Remember that Joy is always safer than fear and guilt.  You deserve to feel it!


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