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Are you carrying around the weight of the past with you?  Do you look at new situations and relationships through the filter of what happened to you in the past?  The Divine Feminine today urges us to detoxify your past.  Let it go.  Your thoughts and feelings about your past have been weighing you down and holding you back.  You don’t need to keep repeating this pattern, looping it over and over again because you have unresolved emotions over something that was done and over with a long time ago.  It’s burdensome and heavy, causing you to feel tired, draining the spark right out of you.  It’s OK to let it go now.  It doesn’t have to dictate who you are, not even for a moment longer.


You are being asked, even urged, to forgive.  However forgiving isn’t necessarily easy – and maybe you don’t even know how to truly forgive.  Oftentimes we say we forgive someone, we even think we have, and we try to let go of the pain, but deep down inside, we continue to carry the wound, and it never really goes away.  We still feel triggered when we think about someone who hurt us, or when someone else comes along and treats us the same way as the person who originally hurt us did.  When we find ourselves attracting a certain type of person over and over again, it’s time to really take stock of what we’re still holding onto.  Whenever we find ourselves repeating hurtful patterns, it means that we still have not really let go.  We need to detoxify our past.


To detoxify your past, it’s helpful to work with a coach who can help you to see what you’ve hidden in your blind spots, so to speak – someone who can reflect back to you what it is you’re holding onto, which you can’t see clearly, if at all.  In every single case where forgiveness is attempted, but the residue of the injury is still held onto, self-forgiveness has been overlooked.  The emotions involved are also still being held onto within the physical body, in the energetic pathways and meridian systems, in the cellular and organ tissues, retaining the unprocessed emotions, while your mind keeps driving the unfinished, suppressed thought forms deeper into the body, where the emotions remain suppressed, repressed, stagnating, and festering, leading to various health problems, dis-ease, anxiety, depression, illnesses, and even injuries.


You may feel prompted to perform a physical detoxification of your body.  This is helpful, but it’s only one layer of detoxification that is necessary.  It is the emotional detoxification that is to be addressed here, first and foremost – detoxify your past.  For example, a colon cleanse will help to release stored up toxins from your bowel, and this is indeed helpful; however, if you continue to hold onto the pain of the past, your colon will still continue to “hold onto” and “retain” toxic matter, because your physical body is a reflection of what’s going on in your emotional body.  For true healing, both the physical and the emotional body need to be addressed and detoxified.  Many times, you may even find that the physical detoxification isn’t even necessary once you have addressed the toxic thoughts and allowed your emotions to be fully felt, acknowledged, processed, and then forgiven.  Consider taking some time out today to detoxify your past so that you can get on with your life, freely being who you truly are.


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