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Have you been feeling a bit out of balance in one or some of your relationships lately?  Today the Divine Feminine counsel is to detoxify your relationships.  Have a look at your relationships with others, and ask yourself honestly if each one is worth healing and keeping, or it it’s time to let go and move on.


Remember that your first relationship is that which you have with yourself and Your Self – your relationship with your inner child and your Source.  Relationships you make with others when your inner child is hurt and wounded reflect that injury in the people that you attract into your life.  As your relationship with your higher and lower self evolves and heals, your frequency shifts – and often, you find yourself no longer resonating with the people you have attracted into your life in the past.


Pay special attention to the balance between giving and receiving, and how this plays out in your relationships.  Do you have certain people in your life that you are always giving to, without receiving back?  Is it time for you to have a bit more balance with giving and receiving in your relationships?  It’s OK to ask to have your needs met – and if, for some reason, it is not OK for you to ask a specific person to give to you too, then maybe you want to consider that it’s time to love yourself enough to move on.  Let go and make space for others to come into your life who resonate with who you are now.  There’s no reason to continue to hold onto emotions – no need to keep feeling resentful and like a martyr or a victim in your relationships.  If you feel like you can’t even breathe around someone, or if you have to walk on eggshells around them, or you have nightmares about them turning into an octopus or a leach, that’s toxic… and it’s time to detoxify.  Bless the person, bless the relationship, be in your Heart and release that person with Love.


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