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How are you feeling today?  Are you feeling a little off?  Perhaps a bit tired or out of sorts for no reason that makes any logical sense?  Is your body feeling not quite right?  Pay attention to these signals and messages, and take time for yourself today, to relax.  Earth is going through some major stuff right now.  It’s affecting every single one of us on the planet.  Remember:  our bodies are Earth bodies.  They are of Earth.  They are constantly in communication with Earth, and they feel all the effects of all the changing energy that Earth is going through.  We feel that in our bodies, even when we are not consciously aware of it.


If you have an urge to take today off from work, follow it.  If you don’t feel like running your errands today, listen to that and put your errands off a bit.  Your body needs to rest and recharge right now.  Know that if you are feeling issues in your bones or teeth or digestive tract right now, these systems in our bodies are being affected by Earth’s changing energy.  It doesn’t mean you don’t go to a doctor if you need to – but perhaps if the doctor says “there’s nothing wrong with you,” you can breathe a sigh of relief and understand there’s a bigger picture, and know that it will pass.  Today the Divine Feminine guidance is to do whatever you can to take time for yourself to relax, especially spending time in nature.  As your body is of Earth, nature is a super recharger for your body.  Whatever menial work you had to do today, know that it will get done – and it will be done better for putting it off and letting your body rest than if you had forced yourself to do it today.


While you are relaxing, watch for a new idea to take shape, or perhaps a new idea you’ve recently had will begin to expand in your mind.  Allow this.  You have been inspired with this new idea for a reason, and today is a good day to let that idea grow.  Spend time in the garden of your mind and water that new idea as if you were watering a flower garden.  Cultivate it.  Once your body has rejuvenated, you’ll have your plan to set in motion.  Follow your guidance!


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