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The Universe is in absolute Love with you.  The Earth, the sun, moon and stars are all enchanted by you.  All of creation wishes to wrap itself around you, embracing you, cherishing you.  Do you feel it?  Do you hear the birds singing you their song as you walk by?  Do you feel the breeze softly caressing your skin?  Do you smell the flowers, who breathe their fragrances into the air, just for you to breathe in and enjoy?  Today the Divine Feminine guidance draws our attention to all that is – to all that is Love – and beckons you to surrender to the magical joy that is Love.  Feel in Love – with life – with You.


It’s like how it feels when you fall in love with another.  The sky is bluer, the grass is greener, suddenly there are flowers everywhere, and birds and bees have happy, friendly little faces.  The whole world is magical, and you feel happy no matter what happens in your world.  But you don’t have to fall in love with another to enjoy this same sense of awe and wonder that you feel when you fall in Love.  It happens when you fall in love with You.


How are you blessed today?  Count all the ways and write them down.  Look for all that is a blessing.  Start with that person looking back at you in the mirror.  You are that blessing.  Surrender to the Love that you are!  Let yourself know it and feel it in your mind and your body and your Heart.  Breathe it in.  There needs to be no reason at all for feeling in Love, because Love is what you Are.  Bless yourself, bless everyone you see.  Fill the universe with the music of your laughter, the song of your Heart.  Let all the Love in.  There is no deserving or not deserving, there is no earning, there is no worthy of it or unworthy – it is simply who You Are.  Surrender to feeling in Love.


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