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The Divine Feminine tells us today that we need to take some quiet time to ourselves, away from noise and chatter, and honor our bodies’ heightened sensitivity.  You may find yourself extra sensitive to noise, chatter, chemicals, foods, other people’s energies, and various other influences – especially those that are more negative.  Take extra time today to wrap yourself in the embrace of the Divine Feminine – in your intuition, in your Heart space.  Allow your body to catch up.


Be patient with yourself.  Be gentle.  Engage in learning about something you’ve been curious about, or journaling, meditation, energy healing sessions, or slow strolls through nature, away from other people.  Turn off your computers and smart devices for a little while, and just be present within your body and your Heart.  Rest.  Get some extra sleep.  Eat nutritious, purifying foods.  Give your body everything it needs right now to relax.  Your mind has been accelerating and blossoming, and your dense 3D body needs your presence now, to catch up with you.  Avoid triggers right now as best you can.


Do not underestimate the importance of taking special care of your body right now.  Get sunshine, extra sleep, pure water, nutritious foods, and gentle exercise right now.  Embrace yourself and love your body.  Get into your heart space and just feel.  Today, take extra time for you, in silence, and listen carefully to your body’s needs.  Honor them.


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