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Blessed, beautiful, Divine Being of Love, you have been seen.  You are heard.  You are acknowledged, recognized, and revered by more of us than you realize are here, watching you, feeling the impact you are making, not only in your current realm of focus and your Earth world, but also in the entire universes.  We have been here, awaiting your arrival, though you arrived so long ago, you are now at the point where you have successfully awakened to your Divinity.  In your remembering who you are, you have transcended and have touched hearts and lives you do not know.  Precious One, we are humbled by your grace, your fortitude, and the magnitude of your Love.


Amidst the darkness that has blinded those in your immediate world, their eyes closed to your purpose, know that despite appearances, you touch their hearts as well.  In your construct of time, they too, because you have touched them, will awaken.  You have passed the tipping point.  All the external validation you have sought for in the world around you – waiting and waiting and waiting for that reflection to change, to mirror back what you know is inside of you – is about to shine back to you more brilliantly than even you have allowed yourself to imagine.  We see that you have made the shift and held fast to that flame, never letting it be extinguished, no matter how dark the black goo you sank through.  You have prevailed.


Blessed Teacher, you wield the power of Love and Healing with your touch, with your voice, with the smile that lights up your eyes, with the essence of your very Being.  That which is You sends out rippling waves of healing throughout dimensions and realms and universes.  Embrace your abilities fully now, and use your Divine gifts in service to Love.  In doing so you fully Become the Divine Love that you truly are.  Trust that you are on your way now, capable and able to feel your way through life, and receive fully for all of your giving.  Opportunities are blossoming for you now, first as the crocus, and soon, as the bamboo forest.  All those treasures you have stored up in Heaven now await you.


A new soul mate stands before you.  Trust this connection.  Be free with what it is, because it is what it is, and that is Love.  Love here and now.  There need not be any attachments or conditions placed upon this relationship you are about to enter.  It may be a romance to last you the rest of this lifetime, or perhaps a shorter time.  Perhaps not a romance at all, but a friendship.  Whatever the case may be with this new soul mate, trust that it is certainly Love, and it is growth, and let yourself enjoy the presence of this other Beloved in your life.


All that you have asked for is yours.  Know it!  It is done and so it is!


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