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The message from the Divine Feminine today is urging us to keep our minds focused on our intent.  Though your life may seem to be going through some chaos right now, as we continue moving through higher frequencies, it’s vital that you go into your peaceful space, which exists in your Heart, ground yourself, connect with your Divine passion, and keep your thoughts focused on that which you intend to create in your life.


As Earth’s frequencies rise, it forces up all our stuff.  Not just ours.  Everybody’s.  There appears to be chaos coming at us no matter which way we turn.  Notice what comes up, and work to process the emotions and find the beliefs beneath them.  This is happening to give you a chance to see what you are still holding onto, so that you may delete and let go of beliefs that no longer serve you, and transform them to Love.  It can be a painful process, however, depending on how much resistance and attachment there is, and it’s very easy to get distracted and caught up in the chaos.  No matter what appears to be happening around you and outside of you, it is vital that you keep your focus on your intent.  You’ve got to ground yourself and get into your center so that you can aim and take that shot.


Move into a place of peace within you.  The Divine Feminine awaits your worries.  Give them to her.  Give her your troubles.  Breathe her in.  Take three deep, long breaths in through your nose, expanding your belly, and then a long exhale out for each inhale.  Find your center.  Focus on the area at your heart and your solar plexus as you breathe.  This will help to calm you and bring you to your place of peace.  Bring your attention to your feet, and feel their connection with the Earth beneath you.  Feel the blood flowing through your feet, through your toes.  Notice if your feet begin to feel a little tingly as you put your attention there.  This will help you to ground to our Earth mother.  Every time you begin to feel distracted or overwhelmed by the chaos around you, remember to do this very simple, very quick centering and grounding technique.  Become present.  And redirect your thoughts to what you intend.  Let everything else around you disappear.  You see nothing but your mark.  Take your aim, and shoot for the stars.




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