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Today the Divine Feminine gives us a reminder to know that we deserve to receive life’s goodness.  We are urged again today to be open to receiving.  What is it that blocks our receptivity?  Today our attention is called to our willingness to know that we deserve to receive all that we ask for, all that we dream of, all the good that life has to offer.  You may know, intellectually, that you deserve to receive – but do you know it deep down?  Do you know it in your body?  Do you feel deserving?  This is what the Divine Feminine is drawing our attention to today.


There isn’t anything we must first do to be deserving to receive all that we wish for.  There is simply to know what we want, clarify our intent, and know that we deserve to receive it.  Feel it, in every fiber of your being, in every cell of your body, that you really do deserve all that is good, simply because you are.  Be open to receive by feeling and knowing that you deserve.  You are a Divine manifestation of God/Source, through and through.  A piece of God.  Is there any piece or part of God that does not deserve goodness?


Think kinder thoughts towards yourself.  Keep your thoughts focused on the goodness you wish to receive.  Notice the gifts that life gives you in every moment.  Stop focusing on what you fear, and instead, look – with great appreciation – at what is already yours.  To help you get into this habit of focusing on gratitude for the gifts you already receive, start a gratitude journal and start making lists of all that you appreciate.  Spend time with your inner child, in your imagination, giving your inner child everything that s/he ever wished for.  Guide your own children, if you have them, to know that they, too, deserve to receive life’s goodness because they, too, are Divine.  Let unconditional love flow within yourself, and out to others – today, especially, children – including your own inner child.


Remember that we live in an infinitely abundant universe.  Don’t be shy about asking for what you want.  Give up any guilt you feel about receiving.  Know that when you win, everybody wins – there is no lack, and it doesn’t take away from anybody else for you to receive what you want in life.  The universe is supplying for us in each and every moment.  Spend time playing in your imagination – make it a playground, and put your energy into manifesting what you want.  Spend time with children and let them show you how to play, if you have forgotten.  Remember:  we are all in this together.


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