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Anger is the shield, the wall around a heart that’s been touched by grief.  Anger is what we unconsciously use to protect ourselves from ever feeling so devastated by loss, ever again.  Anger has a higher vibration than that of grief, so it’s used as the protective shield that keeps us under the illusion that anger protects us from our own vulnerability.  The challenge is that it also acts as a shield against all else that would flow in and out of our human Heart – including Love.


Love finds the cracks and chisels away where there are soft spots to be found, but anger acts so often as not only a shield, but a sentry which goes after the Love and beats it away in order to protect those vulnerable spots.  The Divine Feminine wishes us to know that it is time for us to thank the anger for the wonderful job it has done in keeping us protected from feeling those deep feelings of grief, but that it’s now time to give anger a rest, so that Love may heal those wounds.


You have guides, angels, loved ones from other dimensions who are coming through to guide you, to bless you, to say hello, and to remind you that you are not alone.  They may not be present with you any longer in physical form, but your grief and anger have been blocking you from hearing them, from feeling them.  You have been feeling so very alone, so afraid to feel those deep painful feelings, but they truly are here to assist you.  Whatever anger you’ve been holding onto, whatever grief that still remains for you to process, the Divine Feminine guidance is to make the time and the space for yourself to work this through right now.  It’s time to let go and let Love heal you.


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