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Today’s guidance from the Divine Feminine is telling you that you are going through some changes and transitions, and that it’s important that you don’t get stuck in fear over what appears to be happening in your life.  Stop to listen to your intuition and allow your Heart to open up with unconditional Love for yourself, and for everyone else involved in these transitions.  Things might look scary on the outside, but remember that while change can feel uncomfortable, it is necessary for all forward movement.  You can’t move onto the next chapter of your life if you keep reading the last chapter.  You can’t create the future you want if you keep projecting your past onto your future.  It’s time to let go and move on.


Anytime we come to a place of endings, we have a choice.  We can continue to relive the pain of separation, and any or all rejection, abandonment, hurts and traumas that have occurred, thus getting stuck in fear of further pain in the future, and it’s OK if we have to get stuck there for a while until we are able to heal.  Or we can let go and move forward with the understanding that each person and circumstance we encounter joins us along our journey for a while, and that it’s OK to thank them for their presence and all the love and lessons you learned from having them there, bless them with Love and forgiveness, and move on in peace.  Whatever grieving must take place, honor that, as separations are the most painful part of life.  Even when it’s a separation from a way of life that you’ve begged the universe to change… when the change is right before you, it can feel extremely scary to accept it and move into it, because your past way of being is a frequency that you have embodied and become comfortable in.


Your guidance is to follow your intuition as you go through this transition.  Deep down, you know exactly what you need to do, even if it hurts.  You know it is for your best.  Honor your wisdom and follow it.  Above all, go within your Heart and open to the unconditional Love that is there, the Love from your Source, who is in you and who IS You, and let this Love flow through you.  Feel it for yourself, and forgive yourself for any mistakes you believe you might have made.  Everything is in Divine order – everything that you did or didn’t do was meant to be, for Soul lessons – not just for you, but also for anyone and everyone else who was affected… just as your Soul received the lessons from the mistakes that others made with you.  Acknowledge any pain, and apply Love as the healing salve to mend the broken heart.


When you are ready, look forward and face your new reality head on.  Keep your thoughts positive, and anticipate the wonderful changes in store for you!  You might not know it yet, but your future is full of joy, wonder, and so very much Love.  Practice forgiveness in this moment – forgiveness for yourself, forgiveness of others who have misjudged you and acted unkindly.  From this moment on, make it a practice to care more about what you think of yourself than what others think of you, and don’t give your power away to anyone ever again by allowing their projections and judgments of you dictate who you are.  Forgive the past, and step into your most beautiful future by letting your Heart lead the way through life’s changes in this present moment, right now.