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You feel the desire in your Heart, the knowing of your soul’s purpose, but you see that your outer reality does not yet match what your Heart tells you your purpose is.  It can feel so utterly frustrating – indeed it can even feel as though your hands are tied behind your back, while you wait, wait, wait… it seems as if you are always waiting.  When is my life going to match what I know I’m here to do?  You’re stuck in a job you need to pay your bills, and all you want is to get out and start living your dream.  You’re not alone.


The Divine Feminine energy gently embraces you from within.  Allow her to caress you, to hold and comfort you.  The time now is not for sudden moves or paddling against the current, but rather, to go with the flow.  Surrender to the trust in everything happening and unfolding as it is meant to be.  No jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Relax.  Get out of your head.  Allow.  Time to ground yourself and come back into the present moment.  Yes, see your new reality in your mind’s eye, and live it as if your outer reality already matched your desire.  Mentally rehearse your new life, and allow your body to catch up to your imagination.  Jolting your body right now into a new reality before having it down in your mind isn’t going to get you where you want to be.  Just relax.  Allow.  Trust.  Be here now.


Earth Mother can help you with this.  She beckons you to her waters.  Go for a walk in nature – especially somewhere there is a large body of water, such as a lake or an ocean, or even a stream or a waterfall.  Water’s purifying energy will assist your energy bodies while water’s flowing nature will remind you of how to simply allow.  Pick up a pebble or stone, bless it with your intent and your Love, and place it into the water, thus blessing the water and our Earth Mother.  Do this daily – remember to bless the waters with your Love.  If you have no bodies of water near you, then get some sea salt and take a nice hot bath, remembering to bless the water you bathe in.


This is not a time for rash decisions.  Remember to meditate in nature, and then decide.  Give yourself time and surrender.  Trust that everything is going well, and your soul’s purpose is your soul’s purpose – nobody can take it from you, and nobody else can do it for you.  You just need to let your body catch up and come into alignment.  This happens best in nature, so spend as much time with Earth Mother as you can – especially around the bodies of water.


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