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As our sun moves closer to our Galactic Center, our spinning Earth in tow, moving ever closer to Light, frequencies rise.  Our emotions, as oceans of water, every hidden belief, every suppressed notion, comes rising to the surface, as the waters can no longer remain heavy so as to keep our bones immersed.  We are essentially forced to face every deeply buried thing, everything we thought we hid, for we are on Earth – there is nowhere to run.  We must face our issues.  Our patterns are resurfacing now – patterns we adopted in our childhood, patterns we adopted in previous lifetimes, imprinted onto our souls, patterns given to us by our ancestors – all resurfacing now, so that we may shatter them, once and for all.


As every triggering happens, our inclination is to go out of body.  Our bodies are still caught in 3D even if our minds and hearts get lighter and purer – we must remember to ground ourselves.  As we are on Earth, making this journey with our Earth Mother, spending time in nature is one way to return to the present moment, get back into our bodies, and ground ourselves.  Honor your cycles.  Listen to your body.  Align your body’s cycles with Earth’s natural cycles.  Rest when the sun goes down, rise when the sun comes up.  Eat when you feel hungry.  Drink purified water.  Take walks in nature, remembering to stop and smell the flowers as Winter ends and Spring envelops the land.  Breathe.  Breathe in deep, exhale.  Sing with the birds as they welcome each new day.


Today the Divine Feminine reminds us to be patient with yourself as we go through this process.  Embrace every part of you, just as if you were breathing in the fragrance of a spring blossom, remembering that you are every bit as precious – silky petals and thorns, alike.  Remember to honor yourself as you honor our Earth Mother.  Use aromatherapy oils and flower essences to help you to ground and connect with nature.  If you’ve been thinking of starting an organic vegetable garden, or a flower garden, now is the time.  It’s a beautiful way to connect with nature, ground yourself, and honor our Earth Mother.  Give your body some extra love and unconditional acceptance.  Today is a day to slow down, help your body to catch up with you, fall in Love with the Earth and yourself, and remember that these old patterns are going to surface, no matter what we do.  No need to resist the process or judge anything.  Be kind to yourself, and remember that Love is what heals.


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