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Today’s message from the Divine Feminine:  Spend time with your inner child.  You have been through some heartbreak, loss of loved one(s), whether through breakups, death, or maybe even both… and it’s been a long, hard road for healing.  You haven’t felt like playing much for a while now.  It’s just felt too painful.  It has even hurt to breathe.  But lately, you feel new life blossoming inside of you, and it’s important to pay attention to that.  Your inner child is waking up, coming out of the dark black goo, and feeling ready to start playing again.  Be assured that the worst is behind you.  It’s time for you to open up to your inner child and fall in love with YOU.


You have done well with processing your grief, though part of you still holds on to the one(s) you lost and/or left behind.  It’s time to let go.  The one(s) that you feel you have lost have moved on to the next phase of their existence.  It’s time for you to do the same.  You may be noticing dreams in the early hours of the morning, that you wake up from and remember you were dreaming of your ex, and wondering why you are still dreaming of him or her.  This is because there is part of you that is still holding on, and your dreams are alerting you to this.  You’ve got to let go of that old rotting banana or else your hand can’t grasp the fresh new banana that’s right there waiting for you.  (Gotta love my guides, right?  Bananas.  Really.  Well OK then… just a commentary on the visuals they give me as I type up these posts.)


There is new love awaiting you.  But this first starts with you.  Spend time with yourself.  Go out in nature and connect with the trees and the wildlife – let it all enchant you.  Fall in love with life again.  Fall in love with YOU.  Get to know yourself and love this Divine, perfect, beautiful being that you are.  Seek the inner child within – h/she will absolutely enchant you.  Play as a child, with innocence and joy, wonder and magic.  This feeling of falling in love with yourself will not only help you to let go of those who have moved out of your life, but it will also put you into the energy of attraction and charisma.  The more you love YOU, the more you attract a partner who also loves him/herself, and also loves you as you do.


Let your love shine through and inspire all those who seek self love as well.  You have Divine gifts, and a glorious task at hand – a purpose which is showing others the way.  You have only to model it by becoming it.  The time for you to become is now.  Let go of who and what have moved on, and allow yourself the love and joy and freedom that your Heart longs for.  The love you shared with the ones who have moved on is eternal.  It will always be, because it was.  You can let them go without losing the love.  But give yourself the love you deserve.  Open to receive it.  Start by giving it to your inner child.  Who probably really loves bananas.


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