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What is life, if not beginnings and endings and endings and beginnings, that all that is in between may be appreciated?  You feel it – that dread and fear that is mixed with hope and excitement as you sense within you that a major transition is underway.  You can see the writing on the wall.  This is going to hurt.  And yet, with this ending there comes a new beginning – one that promises freedom and the passionate pursuit of your dreams, goals and purpose.  You feel every emotion known to humanity inside you with each breath you take.  Your racing heart forces you to draw breath even faster, but you can’t, for it hurts to breathe.  Grief lurks around the corner, just waiting, knowing it is only a matter of time.  You’re tempted to jump ahead in time and dwell there, within grief, but then you would miss out on what is now, and who is still here with you.


The Divine Feminine embraces you, reminding you that there is Love.  Love is within it all.  Let Love be your strength and your guide.  Be strong now.  You’ll meet up with grief when it’s time, but for now, be strong.  Fiercely guard your thoughts and keep your focus on your intent and cherished dreams and goals right now, no matter what appears to be happening in your world.  These transition points in our lives magnify our vulnerabilities and our fears, and it’s all too easy to indulge in fear-based negative thinking and projections onto your future.  Love yourself enough to think of yourself being happy, moving on to that joyful reality you have invested in within your mind and heart.  Yes, you will meet grief along your way, but meet grief on your terms along your path, and not the path that fear would take you down.


The changes that have begun in your life are truly for the best, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now.  We are not to spend our lives attached to people, things and situations.  We aren’t meant to stagnate, but to thrive, live, move, create.  Sometimes, to dance to our highest potential, we need to change our dance partners.  Sometimes we need to let go so that we can break free from our chains and fly  – even if we think our chains are love.  Always, always, always focus on your happiest, brightest future, and keep your aim on your mark.  Don’t let the winds of change blow you away and throw you down into the quicksand.  Be strong and guard your thoughts now.  Think positive thoughts about yourself and your future.  Know that you are stronger than you realize, and keep your body strong too.  Eat healthy foods, drink sufficient water, and exercise – especially with weights.  Be tenacious about staying on your path without allowing anyone or anything to sway you – especially not fear.  Ground yourself and stay strong.


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