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Can anxiety exist in the same space as absolute faith and knowing that your every wish and happy dream is coming true?  Or do you have to first forget that you are the creator of your life, so that you can focus on anxiety?  Or, perhaps, do you have to forget to feel anxious so that you can remember, oh yeah – my dreams and wishes are coming true.  The Divine Feminine gently reminds us today that everything is energy.  Everything is a frequency we tune into.  If you are tuned into anxiety, you cannot experience your Divinity, as that is an entirely different frequency – and no two frequencies can coexist in one space.  Think of it like a radio.  To tune into the station you want to listen to, you have to turn the dial.  Our thoughts are every bit as much our own choice as is the radio station we decide to listen to.


While this sounds completely idealistic and, frankly, unrealistic, to simply change our thoughts when we’ve got a situation we’re going through that threatens our peace of mind, and probably a whole lot more than that, it is exactly what we need to remember during these stressful times.  “I choose my own thoughts.”  “I can love myself enough to stop focusing on this problem and focus instead on how I would feel if this problem were solved.”  “Energy flows where my focus goes… maybe I want to stop focusing on this outcome I don’t want and put my focus on the outcome I’d prefer.”  “What would it take for me to stop focusing on this problem and focus instead on the solution?”  “What is the solution I seek?”  “What is it that I actually want?”


It takes a great deal of mental discipline to change the focus of your thoughts when your outer reality looms like a giant toothy monster about to chew you up and spit you out – but we’ve got to remember:  Outer reality is the shadow reality of our past thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.  We can keep putting more power into it by believing it’s actually true and powering it up with more fear, by feeling anxious about what’s going on out there… or… we can decide to change the frequency of the thoughts we think and feelings we feel.  Now is a great time, for example, to focus on Love.  Yes, Love! Love comes in so many ways, so many forms – new people entering your life, new insights, ideas, opportunities, prosperity…  I’ve got it on good authority that Love is knocking on your door right now. Can you love yourself enough to focus on what Love feels like, and open your heart to receive a beautiful person into your life?  Can you think about how it feels to be prosperous and thriving, and embody that feeling?  Feel rich in your body.  There’s a huge opportunity about to open up for you – but you’ve got to turn the dial and tune into that station.  Can you?  Will you?


Whenever we change the dial, and outer reality doesn’t shift right away, it’s because there are some underlying beliefs still vibrating through your body-mind – think of it kind of like static, or interference on your favorite radio station.  This is why it’s important to spend time feeling in your body what your new reality actually feels like.  If you don’t know what True Love feels like, or what wealth and prosperity feel like, then go into meditation, especially just as you are about to sleep, so that you are in a deep Theta brainwave, and breathe deeply and slowly, 3-5 times.  Once you are completely relaxed and in a dreamlike state, feel into your Heart for your Source, and ask to be shown what True Love feels like, or what wealth and richness feel like.  Command that your body feel this, and then feel the energy going through your entire body.  Imagine you are living your happy new life, or imagine it as a past experience you had – feeling it with all the intensity you have felt your other past experiences.  Your new imagined reality is no less real than your old 3D reality.  Which reality would you rather put your energy into?  The one that created that anxious feeling you’ve been living in?  Or the one that is all your happiest dreams come true?  The choice is yours.


If you would like assistance with this process, or a coach to guide you through finding any subconscious beliefs that are vibrating against your desired frequencies, consider contacting me for coaching.  I’d be honored to walk with you on your journey.


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