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You have come to the edge of your cliff, and there is nothing there to show you that there’s any reason for you to step off that edge.  You cannot go back.  There is only the edge – that is the only way you can go.  You can stand here, stuck.  Or you can take that leap of blind faith, walk off the edge, even though there’s nothing anywhere to indicate that you should.  You only know that you cannot stay where you are any longer, and you cannot go back.  Your blind faith that taking that leap is better than standing still is the only thing you’ve got to make you step off that edge.


And so you do.  Despite all your fears of falling down to your destruction, something else happens instead.  You find yourself flying.  You have wings that you never knew were there.  Suddenly you are gliding along so easily, so gracefully.  You can actually relax.  As you fly through the sky, you realize you are not alone.  One by one, others come.  Others like you, who also have taken to flight – they appear and fly beside you.  You remember them from lifetimes past, from lifetimes yet to come.  They are your soul family.


Today’s message from the Divine Feminine is the assurance that despite appearances in the outer world, that leap of blind faith that you feel so frightened to make will bring you all that your Heart desires, and your soul family will find you and join you.  Watch for them.  They’re on their way.  Remember that the outer world is the reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.  You are safer than you realize, to step off that edge.  Surrender your fears and go for it.


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