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Do you feel as though nobody sees you?  Nobody hears you?  Do you feel as if you’re telling the same old story over and over again, and people just aren’t listening, or they don’t care, or maybe they even shy away from you because your story is just too intense?  Ever feel that way?  Anyone ever call you a drama queen?  You meet someone new and feel excited to get to know this new friend, but as soon as you start opening up and being yourself, this new person starts avoiding you?  The Divine Feminine guidance today is soothing, compassionate, validating.  You’re not wrong.  It’s not all in your head.  It’s time for you to start telling a new story.  But how do you do that without invalidating yourself?


Why do you suppose it is that you have a need to tell anyone your old story?  What is it that you’re looking for?  Do you need someone else to confirm and validate your experience for you, so that you can feel more secure within your own reality?  Do you need someone else’s validation, perhaps, because deep down you believe you are not enough?  And if that’s the case – that you have been believing this story about “I’m not enough,” then why do you believe that?  Why do you feel that way?  Today is a good day to dive down deep into that.  Your inner child needs to tell you the story about why that belief is there, and you need to listen and validate the feelings of your wounded inner child.  The feelings are always valid, even if the belief that created the feelings is a lie.  The Truth of the matter is that you are enough.  You have always been enough, and you will always be enough.  If you were taught early on in your life by your parent(s) or sibling(s) or other relatives or teachers, priest/pastor/reverend/elders, other kids in school, or anyone else that you were not enough, then it’s important for you to see and to understand that that was a lie, and that was their failing.  Not yours.  It was never a deficiency in you.  It’s time to address this and start telling a new story about being enough.


Perhaps you don’t know how to be enough for yourself.  Maybe you don’t know what that feels like, so you struggle to comprehend how to be there for yourself, because nobody was ever there for you.  You never learned how.  You start by paying attention to what you want, and giving that to yourself.  What is it that you look for in other people?  Compassion?  Friendship?  A listening ear?  Someone who understands?  Hell, do you wish someone – anyone – would just see you or hear you?  Start by being that to yourself.  Do you know how to be a friend to someone else?  If so, then you know how to be that friend to yourself.  Before you can start telling a new story, you’ve got to be at peace with and in acceptance of the old one.  Be with your inner child and do some quantum healing.  To do that, check out my article on Energetic Mastery:  Quantum Healing – The Inner Child and the Future Self.  By validating and healing your inner child, you can begin to tell a new story.


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