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Can you feel it calling you, beckoning you, summoning you to it?  What is it?  What is that sound?  You know it, deep down inside, you know this sound.  Your heart longs to reconnect with it.  It calls you now to connect, this sound of silence.  You take a deep breath and exhale a sigh of pleasure and relief as you allow this sound of silence to envelop you, to fill you.  You are home.  That’s what this sound of silence is, after all.  It is home.  The nothingness which is the everythingness and the well from which all creation springs.  The Divine Feminine encourages us to sit in silence now, meditate, contemplate our heart’s truest desires.


What is your Truth, after all?  What is it that you truly want?  Can you clear your mind and listen to the sound of silence, that your Heart may speak to you?  Many times we stuff our desires down and hide them, where we don’t have to see them, because our belief in lack is so strong that our very desires feel painful for us.  So we bury them and suppress them, lie to ourselves and pretend we don’t want what we want, going through life brokenhearted because we tell ourselves we have to do this or that mundane thing, or live for someone else’s dreams to come true, at the expense of our own.  We trap ourselves in this sad reality and suffer for burying our desires rather than to believe and have faith that all that we want is already ours.


Today, go into your Heart.  Embrace the sound of silence.  Clear your thoughts.  Just be Present in the silence.  Ask your Heart to tell you what you really want.  And once your desire is before you in your mind’s eye, go ahead and feel the sorrow over your belief that you don’t have it.  Then imagine the sorrow as a little bird with broken wings that you are holding tenderly, gently, with compassion, and imagine you are giving that little broken winged bird to the Divine Mother.  Watch her as she infuses Love as pure Light into the wings of the bird.  Watch as the little bird’s wings begin to move once more, and the bird is restored – no longer sorrow over the belief in lack, but rather a healthy desire taking flight, going off to find it for you.  Watch for that bird to come back with its bounty when you least expect it.


Know that your dreams and desires are just as worthy as everyone else’s, and that you are just as deserving as every other dreamer.  Are we not all the same Dreamer, after all?  Namaste!


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