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The “what” is your desire, your behaviors, your emotions and feelings.  The “what” is what you think and feel and say and do.  It’s what you aspire to, what you dream of, what you regret.  It’s your goals and your methods of attaining them.  The “what” is whatever it is that this message is speaking to for you.  But it’s the “why” that is within the “what” that the Divine Feminine asks us to explore now.  For every “what” there is, inside of it, a “why.”


Why do you want what you want?  Looking at desires – there is a reason within each and every one of them.  And in discovering the reasons why you want what you want, oftentimes you learn that the what isn’t really what you want at all.  It’s really the acknowledgement of the why.


For example, your “what” may be:  “I want to be famous.”  Why do you want to be famous?  Were you an invisible child to your parents?  Did no one ever see you or hear you?  Did no one ever approve of you and love you unconditionally?  Was a famous person more important to someone than you were?  What is it that you’re really seeking?  What is the why within your what?


Another example, your “what” may be:  “I want money.”  Why?  Do you want to buy something that makes you feel safe because you don’t feel safe within yourself?  Do you want to buy something that makes you feel worthy because somebody shamed you as a child and caused you to believe you weren’t enough?  Do you want money so that you can believe you are free?  Free from what?  Why do you believe you are not already free?


Perhaps another example could be that your “what” is:  “I want to be in love with someone who truly loves me.”  Why?  Do you need someone else to love you so you can learn how to love yourself?  Will someone else see you or hear you because you need to see you and hear you?  Do you believe you have to be in a relationship in order to be a success in life?  Do you go looking for the same person over and over again, just with a different face or a different name?  Are you looking for your home?  Are you looking for a feeling that feels right?  What feels right?  Or does it just feel familiar?  Is familiar really what you’re looking for?  Why or why not?


What about health?  What if your “what” is, for another example:  “I want to be healthy.”  Why?  What would you do with perfect health?  Why don’t you have it already?  What is your “why” within your desire to be healthy?


Moving into another direction, one that is just as important to explore, in this case, the “what” is your behavior.  For example, your “what” could be:  “I blew up at my spouse because he left such a mess in the kitchen.”  What is the “why” within that behavior?  Did he, perhaps, trigger a hot spot within your subconscious mind that believes that you aren’t worth considering?  That’ you’re not seen or heard or appreciated?  Or was it, perhaps, a belief in being a martyr that was triggered?  Both?


Today is a day to explore the why within the what.  Ask yourself the tough, probing questions.  Don’t be afraid to face them and be honest about the answers.  Discovering the why within the what is what busts open your toughest patterns and helps you to deliver the goods to yourself.  As long as you do not understand what you are really looking for – why you want what you want, why you behave in certain ways, why you feel stuck repeating the same patterns over and over again – you keep looking for what you think you want, outside of yourself.  In reality, there is no “outside” of you.  It’s all an illusion, and it can never make you truly happy.  As the great poet Rumi once wrote:   Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.


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