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The dreaded N word.  Needy.  Needy needy needy.  How do you feel when you say that word?  Have you judged neediness?  Do you spend your life trying so hard to prove that you’re not needy?  Are you living a life of extreme loneliness, carrying the burden of your own neediness, in an effort to be completely self-reliant, pushing others away because someone told you that you were only ever supposed to need yourself, and nobody else?  Did someone shame you for having needs?  Do you find yourself critical of others who display needy or clingy behavior?  If so, why does this bother you?  The Divine Feminine is calling your attention to your inherent neediness and asks you to stop judging and criticizing it.  Surrender to it instead, that your needs may be fulfilled.


We all need Love.  Many of us were never given complete and unconditional Love, compassion, or acceptance, and so we never learned to give that to ourselves.  So instead, we go looking for that from other people.  Some of us have been hurt so deeply by other people that we don’t even look for Love from humans anymore, and instead, we withdraw from them, but we still seek the Love, compassion and acceptance that we need from our pets.  There are yet others of us who look completely inward, looking to meet our own needs from within – but can you then step back out into the world of humanity and give and receive that Love, compassion and acceptance to and from others?  Can you survive in a world without others?


The Divine Feminine gently guides us today to be conscious of our own neediness, and admit where and when we feel alone and unloved.  It’s OK to be needy, despite how you and/or others may have judged it as a negative or unwanted quality.  We are human beings, and as such, we need Love, compassion and acceptance as much as we need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat.  We come into the world this way.  Though most of us do not consciously recall our Divinity, who we are beyond this lifetime, in Truth we are all One, and we are all All.  We are as little facets of ourselves disguised as each other, and as such we all need each other, as we need ourselves.  Take time today to remember to give compassion to those who are in need, and in doing so, you give yourself the Love and acceptance you also need.  There are only blessings to come from surrendering to being needy, blessings which allow the giving and receiving to flow freely between you and others.


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