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When I was a young girl, I used to fantasize about finding a genie lamp and having a genie pop out and ask me what my three wishes were.  But even as a young girl, I always felt paralyzed when I imagined being asked what I wanted.  In my case, it was because I was abused by my father whenever I asked for something – between him and another family member, I was told that I was selfish if I even hinted at wanting something.  In some ways, though, this turned out to be a blessing for me, because it caused me to seriously contemplate what I wanted enough that I would dare to ask for it.  Today the Divine Feminine is asking us this very question:  What is your desire?  What do you want?  Could you please clarify?  You who want so much for your world to change – it is for you now to give these instructions as to what changes you want.  Otherwise, who decides for you?


One way to get in touch with your desires is to spend time daydreaming.  Let yourself dream big!  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want – anything at all.  Unlike a genie, the universe wishes to grant your every desire, and not just three.  Ask yourself: if my world looked exactly how I wanted it to look right now – if all my ideals were realized – what would my life look like?  And fantasize about it.  Go outside, maybe sit near some water if you have any bodies of water nearby, lie in the grass, or sit up against a tree, and look up into the sky, the clouds, or out to the water, and feel your life as you would have it.  Feel it as if you were remembering something that has already occurred – feel it with that same intensity you feel your other memories with.  Let yourself feel the joy and excitement over this imagined reality, and don’t limit yourself.  Know that you deserve everything you wish for, and that whatever you want also wants you.  It can be no other way.  Know that you’re worth the time you take to invest in clarifying your desires, in spending time in your imagination, daydreaming and fantasizing about the world you want to create  Breathe it into your body and let yourself feel it, in your toes and your fingers, in your scalp, in your lovingly beating heart.  Feel it.  Be it.


Once you come back to the 3D world, remember to pay attention to what’s changed.  Notice whatever signs you’re shown – particularly repetitive signs, because those are the ones that your guides are giving you, to get your attention.  Follow the clues and the signs – and most of all, follow your intuition.  Move in the direction of your highest Joy, and remember that it’s OK to dream big.  Shatter the ceiling, and shoot for the stars.  You cannot miss.


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