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This is a daily practice I put into effect for myself some time ago for white teeth and healthy mouth, and thought I’d share it here to help anyone else who prefers natural remedies over harsh chemicals and dentists’ chairs. My own teeth have not only gotten much whiter and stains naturally removed with no chemicals or damage to my enamel, but the soft sore spots I had where cavities were beginning to form after I had surgery (from all the antibiotics & other stuff), are gone now. My own teeth are stronger and whiter and I have no more pain. And I didn’t even have to go to the dentist! YAY!

For white teeth and healthy mouth:

Oil Pulling

coconut oil for white teeth and healthy mouth
1. Upon waking, before eating, drinking, or brushing, before anything touches the mouth, use a tablespoon of organic unprocessed virgin coconut oil. Put the oil in the mouth and swish for 20 minutes. Does not have to be vigorous swishing, as that just tires out the jaw. A gentle swish for 20 minutes is all you need.  For beginners, start with five minutes, and work your way up to twenty.  Go slowly when working up to twenty minutes – take as many days or weeks as you need to work up to that much time.  Remember:  the remedy that works for white teeth and healthy mouth is the one you actually use consistently, so if you start to feel overwhelmed with the amount of time you take, slow it down and take less time.
After 20 minutes, spit the oil into the the toilet. The oil has gathered up bacteria, yeast, fungi, and viruses from the mouth, gums, and teeth. It’s now toxic. Spitting it into the toilet ensures that it doesn’t contaminate anything.

Himalayan seasalt for white teeth and healthy mouth
2. Rinse mouth with warm water or warm salt water. When using salt, always use unprocessed sea salt. Pink Himalayan or grey/beige celtic salt is the way to go.


Tooth Soap for white teeth and healthy mouth
3. Brush with a tooth soap that does not contain any fluoride or glycerine. Fluoride and glycerine prevent remineralization of teeth. Never use any tooth products that contain either fluoride or glycerine.  You can also just brush with nothing but a wet toothbrush, warm water, or warm salt water, or even coconut oil.

Sovereign Silver for white teeth and healthy mouth4. Floss. Gently. As you practice oil pulling every day, you will find flossing becomes easier and gums no longer bleed when flossing.

5. Rinse mouth for a minute or 2 with colloidal/ionic silver rinse. The colloidal silver destroys bacteria without any side effects. Spit out when done.

* Additional tip for your gum health:  Rinse with organic aloe vera juice with a drop of Bach Flower Remedy Willow.

For more information on oil pulling, see