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Who do you need to be, in order to live the life you dream of?  Can you let your imagination run wild, without restraining it with any beliefs in lacking or needing to control or needing to know how something will happen?  Can you give your imagination free reign, and dream big?  Can you allow your creativity to flow as you envision what your most wonderful life might look like?  Paint the picture of your life as you would have it on the canvas of your imagination.  Now step into it.  Who are you in that picture?  Who do you need to be, to step into that reality?  Become the one who that reality belongs to.


Your imagination is your most precious gift.  You feed it a desire and watch it create to the extent that you will allow it to.  Why hold back?  If you knew – really knew – that this reality is a hologram, and not solid 3D matter, how would that change the reality you imagine for yourself?  If you truly believed that nothing is impossible, what would you dream for yourself instead?  Who would you be?  Would you fly?  Would you teleport yourself to another place or time?  Would you materialize everything you want out of thin air?  Would you heal any ailments you’ve had, or age in reverse, or even live forever?  What would your reality look like?  Would you continue to settle for a 3D linear experience, or would you start to explore all of your hidden abilities that are waking up right now within your DNA?  Would you get to know how powerful you truly are?  Your imagination can create anything for you.  It is only your mind’s programming that tells you what is possible and what is not.  The Divine Feminine asks you to open yourself up to possibilities beyond anything you ever believed could be true, and let yourself dream beyond what you have dreamed before.


As you use your imagination to tap into your innate abilities, previously locked away in unawakened DNA, you find your intuition opening up.  For as you imagine your intuition to grow, so it does.  Intuition and imagination are what allow you to open a dialogue between yourself and your Source, guides and angels.  Don’t be afraid to ask anything you want to know!  Who do you need to be – who is the person who lives this magical life?  Become that person in your mind and body.  Imagine who you wish to be, and then embody the traits you have imagined.  Use your intuition to know your desires, and use your desires to fuel your imagination, and then let your imagination open up your intuition, and let your intuition guide you to your next steps and connections with others.


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