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One of the best ways to re-associate with our power is to give up the notion that we can hurt another with our words or actions.  Once we remember that it is our choice whether or not to feel hurt by another’s words or actions, we remember that it is also their choice whether or not to hurt or take offense by something we say or do.  When we are each responsible for our own thoughts and words or actions it becomes impossible to use our power in such a way as to hurt another.


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  ~Eleanor Roosevelt



Be Yourself


Once you can make the decision to stop caring so much about what others think of what you say and do, you begin to relax a little.  You begin to just be yourself.  And when you let that “Real You” come through, you begin to re-associate with your power.  The Real You IS true power!  So give others their power back by remembering that they have a choice, and it’s their consent to give, whether or not to take offense to something you say or do.  Likewise, take your own power back by just being you – happy, joyful, playful, comfortable in your own skin, and have fun in all you think and say and do.


Embrace Responsibility


Take a few moments and think about how you think of yourself. Pay attention to how you feel about yourself, and work on that. Think of how you think of other people, and work on seeing them in goodness, rather than judgment. It’s not your place to care what they think of you; it is your place to care what you think of them. Remind yourself today, no matter who may be trying your patience, even if it means to simply look in the mirror: “I remember to forgive. I strive to see you in Light, Love, Joy and Peace. I am responsible for my thoughts about you.”


Stay tuned for my upcoming post on this subject for a very powerful exercise you can do for your own self-empowerment!