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Waves of energy shifting, moving around, squeezing us, battering us around – what is this feeling?  What is this misery?  Layer by layer we are peeled away, and holding on with all we’ve got.  But holding on to what?  What are we resisting?  Let go.  Surrender to change.  Rebirth is imminent.  Our egos are being burned away, but from the ashes of our egos we will rise.  What rises?  Well that is up to us.  The Divine Feminine reminds us that our realities are our own creation, and we do not need to keep looking at the outer reality that we see as the true reality any longer.  Why would we keep empowering something we do not want?  Speak to your outer reality and declare:  You do not get to tell me what to think or how to feel. You do not make me.  I create you.  This is the natural order of things that we’ve forgotten… but we are remembering now.


Yes, turn to your inner reality.  Turn to your Heart.  Realize that the outer reality you see around you is all nothing but the crystallized frequencies of thoughts and beliefs you empowered in the past.  It’s smoke and mirrors.  Thank it for showing you the beliefs you didn’t know you had, but do not be deceived by its appearance of solidity.  Outer reality can do nothing but to show you what filters you see your life through.  That’s all.  Why keep giving it your power by believing it to be true?  The only truth is that which is in your Heart.  All that is… is Love.  Love to be formed into any reality you wish.  Or any reality you don’t wish, if you don’t understand that you create your reality.  It does not create you.  So go into your Heart and look with the eyes of Beauty.  Look for the Love and the Beauty everywhere, for it is there to be found.  Love exists within everything you see, because it is all made from Love.  We need only choose to see it.


Explore within, the vastness of the cosmos right within your Heart.  This is a time for new creation.  What would you rather create?  Don’t let anything stop you.  Don’t let any belief get in your way.  There is no limit to what you can create when you stop letting your outer reality define you, and remember that you are the Creator of your world.  Would you continue to be victimized by your own creation?  Only if you continue to believe that your outer reality is anything more than your mirror.


For now, spend time in your imagination, building something new.  Begin creative projects.  Make your plans.  Understand that every step forward you make with breaking free from the chains of old beliefs and allegiances inspires all the rest of us to do the same, as we are all manifestations of the One consciousness.  We’re all One, and we’re all all.  So dive into that deep well of creativity that you have, and explore joyfully.  Be mindful of your thoughts and actions – what you think and do tells the Universe what it is you’re creating, and whether you believe yourself to be a slave or a creator.  Yes, go within and imagine your most inspired dream, your most desired fantasy and let it come to life, with positive expectations.  Remember your sovereignty.  From the ego’s ashes, rise as the Divinity you truly are, and fly.


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