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You find yourself currently standing at a crossroads, and you’ve started to feel that you have been standing here a little too long.  You’ve got a major decision before you, and your fear of making the wrong one has left you feeling paralyzed and going nowhere at all.  It’s understandable, the panic that you’ve begun to feel, growing underneath the surface.  But relax, because the panic is not truly warranted.  All that is necessary from you at this moment is a little presence within your Heart space, that you may listen to and accept what your Heart tells you it really wants.


In all the demands of your daily life, it’s been rather difficult for you to take some time for yourself and really clear your thoughts so you can hear your Heart’s Divine passion.  There are times when you begin to feel it, those times when your mind thinks of it when you’re not really paying attention to your thoughts.  They feel like moments of unexplained bliss.  Happiness for no particular reason.  Then something or someone comes along to distract you before you can make the connections.  The Divine Feminine is asking you to allow her to direct you now.


You need a sacred space – somewhere you can go to be alone with your thoughts and feelings.  Someplace where you don’t bring your phone with you.  Is there a place nearby where you can go, away from technology and other people, perhaps like a park?  Somewhere you can go take a walk in nature?  At the very least, can you manage some time to yourself each day in your bath?  Where you can lock the door, tell your family to give you a half hour to yourself in peace and quiet, without disturbances, and take a nice hot bath with mineral salts.  Can you bring a pen and journal and write out the thoughts that come to you?  You are encouraged to make at least a half hour of your time available to yourself – to you and only you – each day, so that you can clear your mind and listen to your Heart.  Your Divine passion is beginning to clear her throat, like a volcano just before the big show.  You’ve got to pay attention.


At the same time remember – you are like the blossoming flower.  You’re right at that point now where your bud is about to open up and fully bloom – and it feels like a late spring for you.  The temptation is to grab that bud and force it open, especially as you sense that the only reason why it’s taking so long to blossom is because you are still at that crossroads, trying to figure out which way to go.  On the one hand, you have the sensible decision.  The one that would please everybody else.  You like this choice very much as well.  It’s a better place than where you currently are – at least, it’s a definite step forward.  But on the other hand, you have your dream.  It’s a big step.  It’s a miracle step.  It’s not just a step forward – it is your finish line – and you sense it there within your grasp, as impossible as it may seem.  You feel you cannot make the single step forward because, for some reason, you fear it would negate your way to your finish line.  But remember:  you can’t get to your finish line without taking a forward step.


You see, there really isn’t anything to wait at the crossroads for.  If you go in and listen to your Heart for your Divine passion, you see the way forward so clearly.  Just take the step forward.  Not because someone else wants you to.  Not because you feel you have to do what someone else wants you to do.  Not from a place of fear or codependency.  No.  Take the step forward because you have invoked your Divine passion, which has told you that one step forward with focused intent towards your goal sets the whole universe in motion for you.  If you do not feel happy with that step, then don’t make it.  Make a different one.  But take a step.  Don’t fall prey to the illusions of time and pressure.  There isn’t really even a finish line.  We always want more once we’ve gotten what we want.  So enjoy the journey every step of the way.  You can take that step forward and reach your goal.  Both choices are part of your Heart’s Divine passion.  Your step forward is the way to your goal.


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