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Are the traumas from your past holding you back from knowing what you want?  We can sometimes feel stuck because we feel so afraid to admit our own desires to ourselves, because we feel so afraid of the past repeating itself – that old “waiting for the other shoe to drop” subconscious program.  We fear that what happened in the past will happen again, should we dare follow our Heart and move towards our desires.  But that fear only keeps us chained up, stuck, and grieving not only the past traumas while we keep reliving them in our minds, but also the corpses of our shattered dreams.


The Divine Feminine gently embraces us and asks us to give her our fears.  Give your past traumas to her.  We often hold onto past hurts, keeping the trauma alive in our bodies, out of a mistaken loyalty to those whom we miss so much.  We have this belief that if we let go of the pain, somehow we also let go of the love and the memories of those who have passed on.  In other cases, we feel we have to hoard the pain within our bodies to keep punishing those who have hurt us and traumatized us in the past.  Intellectually we realize that this only hurts us… but mostly, we’re unaware that we do this, so we keep holding onto the pain, waiting for those who have hurt us to notice how much we hurt – how much they hurt us – as we unconsciously wait and hope and wait and hope for their acknowledgment and apologies.  We stay stuck in our self-imposed chains, as we pledge our allegiance to our pain instead of our Joy and happiness.


Today, ask yourself what it is you have been holding onto, and why?  To assist you with this, ask yourself, “what are my desires?  What do I want in my life that I currently don’t perceive me having?  What desires do I have that I feel so afraid to let myself feel desire for?  Why?”  Journal about this.  Much will be revealed to you, and in becoming consciously aware of what you’re holding onto by clarifying what it is that your Heart desires, you will be able to let go of your past, and give your pain and traumas and fears to the Divine Feminine.  Take the lessons within all that you’ve endured – don’t leave without the lessons.  But it’s time to stop reliving your past, time to break the old patterns.  The Universe is begging you to give you what you want.  But you’ve got to let go of what you’ve held onto so that your arms are free to receive what the Universe is offering you in place of the old pain and broken dreams.  Will you let go so you can receive and accept?


It’s time to heal the past.  Don’t let your future be dictated by your past.  The time has come to stop projecting your past traumas out onto your future.  Do whatever you can to get to that place of peace with what happened in the past and say, “huh, you know what, I got through it, I’m still here.  I’m stronger than what happened to me.  I learned something from it.  My world had to bust apart and shake loose all that wasn’t in my highest good, what didn’t match and fit in with the higher desire and intent that I set.  I couldn’t have been my happiest self with that person or that situation, so I had to lose it.  Everything had to fall apart so that I could move into a new and better reality, and it felt scary then, but I don’t have to be scared anymore.  My future is created in my NOW – not my past.”


Know that you are worthy and deserving of all the Love and beauty and desires and dreams of your Heart.


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