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Have you been feeling the irresistible urge lately to break free from old patterns of doing what you don’t want to do?  Have you been agreeing with someone for the sake of avoiding conflict or pleasing the other person, and you find that you just can’t continue to stifle your own voice any longer?  This is the Divine Feminine – the goddess igniting within you.  That desire to be in the stillness and find your own Truth and be it, live it, walk your talk, and stop living to please everyone else – that is your authentic, Divine Feminine Beingness deciding to Be.  And there is no stopping Her.


The wisdom for today is to live your Truth.  Take some time to go within and find that space in the stillness, in the quiet, in the void, within your Heart, where your Truth and wisdom reside, and connect.  Whatever you have been doing that is out of alignment with who you really are – it’s time to stop.  If you’ve been going against your own Truth and desires to please someone else, it’s time to take care of you.  Know that as you break free, it feels a little scary – if you’re questioning yourself, and wondering if you said or did the right thing, you did.  If you are living your Truth, you’re doing the right thing.  Celebrate your freedom!  Cherish your wisdom!  Everything you really need is right there within you.


Whatever relationships you have been holding onto that don’t empower you, this is your time to break free.  Let go of anything that disempowers you.  Let go of anyone who puts you down or holds you back.  The Divine Feminine has broken free of everything that has kept her down – codependency, neediness, clingy behavior, worries and fears of not being enough, not being good enough, needing the masculine to survive, being judged, unworthy, unaccepted, rejected, unloved and unlovable – and this is coming through in the Feminine side of each and every one of us.  With a loud roar, she has broken free, and your chains have exploded.  Oppression and slavery are no more.  We are taking back our power now.  Celebrate!  The time to live your Truth is now.  Let go of anything in your life that is not authentic to you.  Be completely honest with yourself, and let your Truth set you free.


Cherish every experience that you’ve had – the painful ones with the joyful ones.  Every experience has deepened your wisdom and has helped you to find your authentic Self.  Go within and feel your Self, in the space of your Heart.  Sit with Earth, as Earth helps you to connect with all that you are – your Truth and your wisdom.  Feel the Divine Feminine ignite within you, feel her in every cell, in every pore, in every finger, in every heartbeat.  Feel gratitude for all that you are, and in every aspect of your Being, starting today, live your Truth.


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