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We are all one.  We are all all.  Even so, we require boundaries, and we need to respect them.  Energies are permeating everyone, everywhere.  Everything is energy.  Personal shielding assists us with establishing our boundaries, knowing our own frequency, and ascertaining when another’s energy is sapping ours or affecting our own thoughts and emotions.  The Divine Feminine is speaking to you, but while there are thoughts and feelings of anxiety and anger in the way, it’s difficult to hear the gentle whispers of the Divine Feminine.  Are you sure that all these anxieties and frustrations and feelings of anger are even entirely yours?


Get into the practice of shielding yourself daily, so that you can feel your own presence, essence, and frequency – so that you can know and feel what is you, and tell the difference between your own thoughts and emotions, and those of others.  Here is an excellent shielding tutorial – the 12-Dimensional Shield – which helps you to ground with Earth and with the Universe.




Once you have shielded, spend a few minutes just feeling into your own essence.  Listen for your own frequency.  You can literally hear it if you listen to the space right above the crown of your head.  Tune everything else out and listen for your own sound.  Then breathe deeply, feeling the air going into your lungs, expanding your belly to breathe as deeply as you can, and slowly.  Exhale very slowly.  Repeat three times.  Feel for the beating of your heart.  Do you feel that?  Feel for the feeling of your Heart.  Do you feel that?


Next call to mind what you have been feeling anxious, frustrated, and angry about.  For each anxiety, frustration and angry feeling, ask yourself, is this mine?  If it is not yours, then bless it and give it to God/Source, that it may be returned to its rightful place, wherever that may be.  It’s not yours, so you do not need to keep it.  If it is yours, rather than someone else’s, then go to your Source within your Heart, and ask for guidance with the situation that causes you anxiety, frustration or anger.  Breathe Light into it.  Just breathe in, imagining the platinum-silver light infusing the situation that you feel anxious, frustrated or angry about.  Ask to be shown what beliefs you have underneath the emotions you’ve been experiencing.  You may find a belief that you are not safe hiding underneath your anxiety.  You may find a belief that you are not good enough hiding underneath your anger.  Whatever comes up, just allow it to come to your awareness.  Once you find the hidden belief, ask your Source within your Heart to show your body how it feels to be safe, for example, if you found a belief that you are not safe.  Ask your Heart to show your body what it feels like to be good enough, if you found a hidden belief about not being good enough.  Ask to be shown what it feels like, and then feel your Source filling up your body with Love, and feel that for yourself.


Make this a daily habit, starting right now.


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