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Power.  Even the word can be intoxicating for some.  We crave it.  We love it.  We fear it.  We accept it or we reject it, we resist it or we hate it.  But we never disrespect it.  We all want it.  So why are we afraid of it?

powerThe first thing to understand is the foundational subconscious programming that surrounds power itself.  Power, after all, is who we actually really are, beneath the ego-identities we have associated ourselves with.  True Power is what we are.  And that is what is so frightening to our egos.  We wield the Power of God.  We are the Power of God.

Basically, we collectively made up an ego as our advisor, at the beginning of all things – the beginning of “life as we know it.”  The ego loved the power we gave it and came to crave it.  The ego also desires survival, and it must always be right.  It is the ego that craves power; it is also the ego that is afraid of our True Power.  It is we who are the power that the ego craves.  That, however, is a bit of a long story, and if you would like to know the full details of how we came to be as we are, I highly encourage you to read my book, The Space Between, and pay particular attention to Chapter 14, entitled, In the Beginning… This will give you the full story.

For now, I’ll give the reason why we’re afraid of our own power.  When it gets down to it, we don’t want to admit we were wrong – we “made up” the hell we believe in. To accept our own power would mean taking responsibility to change our reality. To accept our own power would mean waking up to Truth – which means the death of the ego. To escape our own power, we forgot – dissociated our Knowing of it from our awareness. We did this in order to assign guilt to the other forms (people) we made up, to point a finger of blame at them for a hellish outer reality that we’d collectively made up, to escape divine retribution – which is another belief that we collectively made up – so that God would come and punish the other guilty parties (people) instead of us, so that we could survive with our egos for longer. To project onto others is to continue to deny our own power.

We also don’t want to take responsibility for our power because we also fear that we might hurt someone else, because we forgot not only our own power, but also theirs – that we all not only possess the same power, but that we are this power that frightens us so much.  If we were to hurt someone with our power, that would make us guilty, instead of the others, which triggers our own unconscious fear of divine retribution (which is, again, an unconsciously made-up belief).  So to resist our own power means to us, unconsciously, to avoid hurting another and thus becoming guilty.  This is why we give our power away to others – so that they may be guilty instead of us.  This is also a belief that is behind the victim mentality that is so prevalent now.

So what can we do to let go of our fear of our own power and re-associate with the True Power that we really are?  Stay tuned for my next postings, and you’ll get some really powerful tips!  😉