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Lovable, beautiful one, what is that mask you wear?  Why do you hide behind this glamour, pretending to be someone to someone else, instead of shining as who you really are?  Do you feel such fear of showing your true self to another?  Who told you that you weren’t enough?  Who made you feel unlovable?  The Divine Feminine cherishes you and lovingly encourages you to go within to that inner child who feels so afraid to express itself, and see the stunningly beautiful and lovable person that is truly there.


You are perfectly created by the Divine.  Are society’s brainwashed, programmed standards of what is beautiful or what is lovable really true?  Why try to be another when there is only one you?  Nobody else can be you, and you are needed and wanted here.  Despite feeling as though you don’t belong, there is always One to whom you do belong, and that is to You.  Today, explore all the facets of yourself and find all the ways you are lovable and beautiful.  Fall in love with You.


Your vulnerability is lovable.  Your curiosity is adorable.  Your willingness to love is beautiful.  Your strength and wisdom and knowing, your intuition… your compassion… the very inner light of you is exquisite.  Your playfulness is enchanting, and all your warts and ugliness are breathtaking.  They gave you the strength and wisdom and knowing and opened up your intuition and honed your compassion.  Your physical body is part of you and holds your inner child within itself, and when you can stop judging how your body looks or feels, you can feel unconditional acceptance and love for that one, and when you can feel your body speaking to you, you find its brilliance and its beauty.  You are truly marvelous in every possible way.  When will you see your beauty?  How about today?  Can you surrender to all that you feel, and feel it, and in feeling it, sink into the Love that is deep within it.  Luxuriate in all that is You.  It’s safe to take off the mask and let the real you shine through, when you no longer fear the pain more than you allow the Love, once you discover the Love within the pain.  Be unapologetically you.  You are beautiful.


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