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If you truly knew that you are the Divine Source which creates all, would you put yourself down?  If you could look in the mirror and see the eyes of the Goddess looking back at you, is there a single thought you could possibly entertain that was anything but self loving?  Or would you, perhaps find yourself breathless, in complete awe and gratitude for who you are?  Could you feel your essence and know your Divinity?  Could you let yourself feel the Love that is the Real You?


The Divine Feminine today asks to remind you that you are beautiful, radiant, perfect, even in all of your perceived imperfections and flaws, and She gently reminds you to get in touch with your beautiful essence today.  Please pay attention to every thought you have about yourself, and every word you say.  When you put yourself down, you put Her down.  When you judge yourself, so do you judge your Divine Source.  Make it a point to think kindly about yourself.  Look into the mirror and speak to your reflection as if you were speaking to your best friend.  Would you say harsh, unkind, unsupportive, judgmental things to someone you love?  Be kind and compassionate to yourself.


The more time you spend in your center, in your Heart space, feeling your True, Divine essence, the easier it gets to see your own beauty.  Think about the magnificence of your body, for example.  What a brilliant creation, a marvel we get to inhabit and interact with while we’re here.  Did you know that your body loves you unconditionally?  Did you know that, even as you look in the mirror and judge the reflection of that body you’re in, even when you can’t see your own beauty, your body knows and sees your True Beauty?  Can you imagine the bond between you and your body, and how much can be healed when you stop judging your body, stop projecting shame, anger, and fear onto it, and instead start looking at it and thinking of it with Love and acceptance?  Try it out!  It actually really works!


Make the time today to be in your Heart, and bless yourself, Love yourself, your body, your Divine Beauty.  Breathe in deeply and feel the blood flowing through your body, feel your fingers and your toes – pay attention to how it feels to allow your Divine essence to fill your body.  What does Love feel like as it flows to every cell in your body?  What does complete self acceptance feel like inside your body?  Make the time today to explore that.


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