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Once in a while, I come across music that is so special, music that actually facilitates and serves as a catalyst for healing, music that lifts my spirit and allows my Heart to flood with so much Love it could overflow, like an ocean bursting through floodgates.


Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman

I’ve loved this particular artist, Sarah Brightman, since the first time I ever heard her voice during the days she sang in Phantom of the Opera.  As I’ve sang since the age of two, myself, as a hobby and even seriously considered singing professionally, I knew that I had to train myself to the voice of this goddess, to sing as an angel, as closely as I could, if I were to attain mastery.  So through the years, I have kept up with Sarah Brightman’s music.  Recently, I discovered this little gem of hers, called Angel.  If there is one song I have ever heard that is indeed a catalyst for healing, this is it.  I share it with you here… let yourself be fully Present with the music and the words, the voice of this goddess, and internalize the message of this song.  Let yourself flow with it, let yourself feel the message of your own angel.


Angel by Sarah Brightman


Buy the Dreamchaser album, by Sarah Brightman here:



written by Sally Herbert and Jerry Burns
I am your shadow
I am your rain
I am your longing
A little of your pain
I am red
I am blue
I am your angel
I am in you


I am your madness
I am your tears
I am your sadness
and I am your fears
I am restless
I am your dreams
I am the moments
in between



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