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Having boundaries and fortifying them doesn’t make you any less of a giver than you truly are.  Saying no to someone who keeps taking and asking for more doesn’t make you unloving or selfish.  Sometimes it is necessary to draw your line in the sand and stick to your guns.  Today is one of those days.  Today is a day to be in your dreams, celebrate your sensuality, nurture yourself, and shut the rest of the world out for a little while.  Notice how you have felt about doing for others of late.  Has there been any underlying resentment or irritation?  Be honest with yourself about that, confront it head on, and say no to those who keep draining you.  Give yourself permission to give, instead, to yourself today.  The pendulum swings back and forth – that is the balance of nature.  Today the pendulum swings back to you.


Get in touch with your inner goddess.  Put on some music and dance – and dance consciously!  Become aware of every movement, every sway, every breath.  Feel it all.  Embrace your body as you would a lover and give yourself some love.  Surrender to the beauty of the flow, the power of the goddess within.  Have a soak afterwards, make it a spa day.  Get a massage.  Whatever you do today, feel it.  Feel, feel, feel!  That’s what it’s about today.  Nurture yourself in every way that feels divine.  Breathe deeply and appreciate how it feels to fill your lungs up with life giving air.  Bless the air you breathe.  Go out to a garden and drink in the fragrance of the flowers – and if the flowers aren’t blooming yet where you are, head to a florist or a store that sells flowers, and delight in their beauty.  You don’t have to be a woman to do this, gentlemen – you have an inner goddess as well.  It is your feminine side.  You can go smell the roses too.


The Divine Feminine also reminds us to pay special attention to our thoughts today.  Once again, we are given the gentle reminder that our future is bright and beautiful, and so do not pollute our future with fears and worries.  There is no need to project darkness onto our bright light.  Whenever you find yourself feeling anxiety about your finances and your future, in particular – catch yourself in your thoughts of lack and worry.  Ask yourself, is that thought loving towards myself?  And once you agree that it is not, go back into your sensuality – your inner goddess, and become fully present here and now, appreciating and indulging your senses.  Get into that dreamy, loving, amorous place that feels wonderful to be – where worry cannot reside.  Only one frequency can occupy this space, and it is not fear.  Remember:  having boundaries doesn’t apply only to other people.  It also means saying no to thoughts that don’t serve you.  Set your boundaries.  Fortify them.  Nurture yourself.  Enjoy yourself!


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