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Today’s message from the Divine Feminine is a reminder that everything we need is here for us.  There is no lack in this universe – only the illusion of it, the belief in it.  The belief in the illusion of lack gives it power and blocks you from being open to all of the infinite abundance that is here, just waiting for you to allow yourself to receive it.  Today we are given a powerful reminder to withdraw our attention from all the 3D problems that block our flow.


To assist with honoring the flow of giving and receiving, our attention is drawn to our breathing.  If your give and receive is out of balance – you are always giving to others, to your own exclusion, it is as if you are always breathing out air.  How much air can you breathe out?  Only so much.  You need to pause and take a breath in.  Likewise, if you are always receiving without adequately giving, it is as if you just keep drawing air into your lungs without exhaling.  Eventually what happens?  Yes, you need to pause and exhale.  This is the flow of give and receive – just like breathing.


Whatever it is that has you worried right now, you are asked to take your mind off of the problem and focus on the solution.  Ask yourself, what would my life look like if everything were just right?  If this situation were resolved, if my finances were set, if I could always have enough to simply buy whatever I want or need for myself and others without a worry, what would my life look like?  How would I feel?  And that’s where you are asked to put your focus and attention – on the life you would be living if all the solutions to your problems were miraculously handed to you.  How grateful would you feel?  How joyful?  What would you do with your time?  Imagine that lifestyle you wish for.  Imagine you’re living it right now.  Imagine you’re that version of yourself, looking back on the version of you right now.  What is your future self saying to your past self?  Imagine that conversation, while breathing in… and breathing out…. breathing in… and breathing out… Breathe it in… breathe it out.  Don’t stop until you have imagined this reality so intensely that you believe it actually happened.  Make it a reality in your mind.


Your miracle awaits you.  It’s up to you to keep the faith.  Remember:  imagine your solution as if you are living it now.  Believe in your future reality every bit as much as you believe in your past reality!  Breathe it in… breathe it out… wax on… wax off.  Keep it up!  You’re doing great!


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