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When the world seems dark and cold, when everything feels like it’s going wrong, and you feel rejected and alone, remember that you’re forgetting something very important.  You’re forgetting who you are.  The Divine Feminine gently reminds us today that Love is the only reality – and You are the Love that creates.  Remember kindness and compassion for yourself.  No matter what’s going on in your outer reality, remember to feel gratitude and reverence for what is.  What hurts is what shows you what you believe about yourself deep down where you hid it.  You made something in your outer world to show you where you hid your painful belief.  The belief that you are anything less than Divine Love.  How might your world change if you started a new habit of remembering that You are Love and that Love is the only true reality?


We like to look for shortcuts, but sometimes we’ve got to remember to appreciate what is in the moment, at the moment.  Get into the pause.  Look between the objects.  Celebrate the times between the times, the seasons between the seasons, and allow everything to unfold in its natural order.  There is much in the spaces in between that we could see if we started to look there a little more.  Breathe in, but notice the silence between the inhale and the exhale.  Listen for the pause between the beats of your heart.  What are you missing while you’re rushing so, cutting corners and taking shortcuts?  There is crucial information you stand to miss in your panic to get to your finish line.  This isn’t a race.  Do you want the temporary satisfaction of a task checked off on your quest list, or do you want the permanent joy of Divinity that exists in all that is?  The Divine Feminine wishes to be received fully.  She wants to know you, to be known by you, not rushed through as if she isn’t even there.  She has much to give you if you will take the time to stop and receive her blessings.


Setbacks appear, and we can easily find ourselves immersed in feelings of failure and inadequacy, but we do well to remember that this is not the case.  Life is spherical and layered; we go in cycles and circles.  Sometimes we think we’re spiraling downwards, but we’re actually spiraling upwards.  It can appear as if we’re going backwards, but no.  It’s an upward spiral.  Remember to be compassionate with yourself, and to ask yourself, if Love is the only reality, then what have I learned from this?  Every time around the circle is a new chance for mastery and another step closer.  Every time we remember that Love is the only reality, we peel away another layer of illusion.


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