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Today’s message from the Divine Feminine is coaxing you to quiet your mind.  Your guides are speaking to you, but all the thoughts racing through your mind are speaking over them, so to speak.  You know how it is when you’re speaking to someone, and they keep cutting you off and loudly talking over you and therefore don’t hear a word you say?  Well, this is the message from your guides right now.  They are asking you to please… shhhhhh…. quiet.  Still your thoughts for a moment.  Allow them to speak.  Allow yourself to hear what they are telling you.  Listen.  Their message is worth hearing, and taken to heart, will vastly improve your life.


Your thoughts have been filled with fears and anxiety regarding your finances.  Your projections of poverty and homelessness into your future are to be dropped from your mind.  Stop playing that movie in your mind.  Your future hasn’t done anything to deserve such a projection from you!  You have been pressuring yourself relentlessly and at great cost, to make money, out of fear of what you have projected onto your future.  Stop that!  You are to take a moment and breathe.  Quiet those thoughts that run amok through your mind.  Say shhhhh, speak the hush aloud, and listen.  Listen to your Heart.  Allow the wisdom of the Divine Feminine to come up from your Heart, into your mind, and nurture and nourish you.  You are safe.  You are Loved.  You are worthy.  We see and hear your concerns, and they are noted.  You can stop shouting your fears at us now.  We see you, and we hear you.  We are here to assist you, but we need for you to silence your thoughts and give us a chance to speak to you.


Look at how you have been pressuring yourself.  Who and what have suffered because of it?  Is there a loved one who needs your attention?  You feel as though you are being bombarded by person after person, wanting your time and attention, while you grow restless and resentful.  This is because the fears you have projected upon yourself and your future have lit an unwarranted fire under your bottom.  Take a moment and remember to appreciate your loved ones, and nurture your relationships.  It takes but a moment to notice your loved one and say I love you.  It takes only a few seconds to reach out and hug them.  It doesn’t take anything away from you to see them.  It’s OK to have work to do, but don’t be in such a panicked rush to get it done that you miss out on opportunities to smile at your loved ones and tell them what they mean to you.  At the end of the day, what’s more important?  As you take time to honor your relationships, all those other people who seem to be bombarding you with their need for attention just won’t bother you anymore.  You have got to take a load off, and remember that a few moments of love for your family won’t knock you off your path.  When you are busy, be clear that you need some alone time to get some work done.  But remember to give as generously to your relationships as you do to your work.


Change the ideas you have about your future.  Project what you want to see instead of that which you feel so afraid of.  Your imagination is a powerful tool.  It’s the most powerful tool you have!  It literally creates your reality.  Take stock of what thoughts are going on in there and what mental pictures you are projecting.  And every time you find yourself in fear of lacking, just say, “no, thank you.  I’ve had enough of that.  Remember when I used to feel so afraid of that?  I feel so thankful that I’m over that now.  Look at the beautiful and prosperous and thriving life I’ve created for myself and my loved ones!”  And stop what you are doing, taking time to jump into your new version of your future self – the one that no longer worries about finances.  The one who thrives and lives a beautiful life, in full vivid color, in love with yourself and your family, friends, pets… In love with your life.  Invest more time in this future than you used to invest in the scary future.  You get to decide which of these futures you want to experience – and you decide that by which one you spend your time and emotion focusing on.


Stop and still your mind.  Quiet your thoughts and listen.  You have a golden opportunity right now.  Go for it!  Once you are in alignment with your thoughts and spending more time in the future you’d rather experience, feeling peaceful, calm, and excited about this new future that awaits you, you will be able to see and notice new opportunities coming your way.  Get ready for a very happy change!


Remember to know without a doubt that you are going to be just fine.  Everything is going to be OK.  Keep thinking of your happy future and imagining yourself living in it right now.  Wonderful things are coming your way.