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Have you been taking on a little too much lately?  Have you started to resent certain people or situations?  Is your body giving you aches and pains in your shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, ankles or heels?  We generally know when we’ve taken on too much and need to take time out to breathe, but sometimes we don’t realize just how important it is that we do.  Make no mistake – when you engage in chronic people-pleasing, or struggle with codependency, you attract people who are all too happy to put all their stuff on you and use you up.  Are you going to continue to give others permission to treat you like a slave?  There’s nothing wrong with helping others out.  However, the line between being of true service to others and enabling them to resist their own growth can be a very fine line, indeed.


The Divine Feminine wisdom for today is to simplify your life.  Narrow your focus down to just a few select things that you want to do.  Tell others no when they come looking for you to clean up after them or do their jobs for them or otherwise drain you with the negative dramas they’re enmeshed with.  It’s one thing to be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, but when it gets to be a chronic, daily event, that someone is constantly drudging up the drama BS and piling it up on you, rather than facing their own issues and changing their own thinking, or possibly even getting help from a professional therapist, you’ve got to ask yourself – are you really helping this person out?  Or is it more likely that you’re suffocating underneath that great big pile of BS, and you need to get out from under it so that you can breathe again?


If you feel like you’ve lost touch with who you truly are, then pay attention to what you choose to focus on as you simplify your life.  This means spending time doing what you enjoy – engaging in your hobbies.  What are your favorite hobbies?  The activities you choose to focus on tell you a lot about who you are, and how your Soul came here to express itself.  Today, take a good time-out, and dabble in your favorite activities, completely guilt-free.  Start saying yes to you.  It’s important for you to recharge your life force – and stop giving it to others who drain it.  Simplify your life by letting go of anything and anyone who drains you, and choose to do what you want to do instead.  It’s time to get back in touch with you you really are.


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